Thursday, February 11, 2016

Human future - SWOT Analysis:

Strengths: Caring multiculturalism, innovative nerdhood, imaginative resilience, move toward local economy, sustainability, increasing environmental conscientiousness, increasing gender equality, increasing global cultural and scientific literacy

Weaknesses: GREED, XENOPHOBIA, quantophrenia, methodolatry, pursuit of means as ends, mind/nature conceptual divide,,  control of the press and government by plutocracy/oligarchy, anti-intellectualism - especially of Americans whose drivers dominate world economics/culture (for now), PATRIARCHY, geological/cosmological illiteracy, tribalism, racism, marginalization -> ghettoization of minorities.

Opportunities: Networked culture, chance to move to flatter social organization, astounding availability of vast knowledge, insight and learning, awareness of importance of women's empowerment for social health, acclimatization and accommodation of difference as a human tendency.

Threats: PLUTOCRACY, OLIGARCHY,  manipulation of the government and press by aforesaid, the blind reaction to go to caricatures of antiquated governance models based on insecurity or a false belief that the fault of modernity is that it has lost its sense of tradition (versus a genuine understanding  of hegemonic powers that drive decay), hubristic anthropocentric failure to overcome nature/mind divide, PROMETHEANISM (the idea that human techno-mechanical prowess will inevitably surmount all threats and weaknesses), economy premised on disposability/waste; idea of progress as "efficiency and economic growth" (since means mistaken for ends put us on a hamster wheel to nowhere and erase humanity from its own agenda).

So what would a sound strategic plan look like?

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